Brushhog mats are great door mats.

  1. Designed for use as a door mat;  This out door mat uses the same fiber system that is used on athletic fields.

  2. This entry mat features a long-wearing coarse fiber system which aggressively scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes.

  3. This door mat effectively filters soil away from traffic surfaces.

  4. High-performance 100% solution-dyed nylon surface used on this entrance mat will not fade in sunlight.

  5. Durable 100% rubber backing will not crack or curl on this entry mat

  6. Wide variety of sizes in 3, 4, and 6 widths in four colors that complement any decor.

  7. This out door mat may be ordered in lengths up to 60.

  8. Easy to clean out door mat. This entry mat dries quickly.

Black Brush Brown Brush Burgundy Brush Navy Brush

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Discounts for 5 or more door mats ordered. Discount will show when ordering.

2'x3' door mat $ 36.40  3'x4' door mat $74.00   3'x5' door mat  $100.75  
3'x6' door mat $109.20 3'x8' door mat $145.53 3'x10' door mat $181.95
3'x12' door mat $218.30 3'x16' door mat $291.00 3'x20' door mat $363.75
4'x6' door mat $149.05  4'x8' door mat $193.50   4'x10' door mat $242.25  
4'x12' door mat $291.00 4'x16' door mat $387.75 4'x20' door mat $484.50 
6'x8' door mat $298.19  6'x12' door mat $447.12 6'x16' door mat $582.00  

6'x20' door mat $727.50

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