# AISRP-90PT Polypropylene Plastic, Rotary Pump, For pumping petroleum products, water-based chemicals.

Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump With TEFLON seal, TEFLON vane, PP spout and suction tube.

Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump Outlet can be freely rotated from 0 to 360

Applicable Liquids: Acid alkali, alcohol, diesel fuel, gasoline, machine oil, water.

Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump Type: Rotary - Vane

Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump Flow: 8 ounces per rotation

Maximum Fluid Temperature: 130˚F / 54˚C
Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump Mounting: 2" Male NPT Bung Adapter

Suction Tube Length: 40" Maximum

Inlet: 1-1/4" O.D.

Outlet: 1" O.D. Curved Spout

Chemical Resistant Rotary Pump Wetted Parts: Polypropylene, TEFLON

Polypropylene Rotary Pump Maximum Viscosity: 40 wt oil

Option: Polyethylene Extension Hose

Standard Packing: 6 pieces per carton, Net Weight: 5 pounds,  Cubic feet: 2.2'

Made from light weight, rust resistance and good abrasion resistance materials.

Ideal for transferring many organic acids, organic alcohols, detergents, and other water soluble inorganic chemicals which are compatible with pump component materials.

Recommended for: Light oil (up to 30 wt.), Antifreeze, Windshield washer fluid, Methanol, Chlorinated solvents, Lubricants based fluids, Cleaning Solutions,  Soaps, Edible Liquids, etc.

Ideal for heavy-duty use in industrial, automotive and agricultural applications.

Supply with 2" bung adapter and a 3-piece PP suction tube to fit most 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums.

Polypropylene Rotary Pump is self-priming unit, dispenses approximately 8 ounces per stroke.



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