HydroMaster Proportioning and Dispensing Systems

HydroMaster proportioners, or HydroMaster chemical dispensers automatically mix liquid cleaning and sanitizing concentrates

with water and dispense the diluted solution into any container (auto scrubber, mop bucket, gallon bottles, spray bottle, etc.).

Better performance of concentrated products when diluted properly


Manual mixing of concentrates with water is time consuming and imprecise the strength of the diluted solution may be too strong one time and too weak the next. Automatic dilution with the HydroMaster takes this variability out of the cleaning system, so the concentrated cleaning product consistently delivers maximum performance. Any size container of concentrate can be used with the HydroMaster because there's no need to tip the container to pour the contents. HydroMasters use water power, not electricity, so concentrates don't have to be located near outlets, just within a hose's reach of a water source. Concentrates are safer to use with the HydroMaster, too. Exposure to the concentrated product is limited only to those times when the chemical dispenser is being moved from one concentrate container to another.

HydroMasters below can be wall mounted or fit 2" NPT drum openings. 

Hydromaster 204 wall mount only.

Performance characteristics by model

                               Flow rate @40 psi                        Maximum dilution     Minimum dilution

HydroMaster 204    4.8 gallon / minute output flow    400 to 1            4.5 to 1    

HydroMaster 206    4.8 gallon / minute output flow    400 to 1            4.5 to 1    

HydroMaster 208    2.5 gallon / minute output flow    110 to 1              1 to 1     

HydroMaster 216    9.8 gallon / minute output flow      1024 to 1          5 to 1     

HydroMaster 220   16.8 gallon / minute output flow     1136 to 1          8 to 1     

Economical to use, and environmentally friendly, too!

Hydro Masters are built with high quality, chemically resistant materials and have established a reputation for long life in demanding industrial environments, so they're inexpensive to operate and maintain as well as to purchase. Beyond the economic benefits of using Hydro Masters, their contribution to the easier, more effective use of concentrates makes environmental sense. Use of concentrates reduces solid waste by minimizing packaging which must be disposed of or recycled.   Hydro Masters have proven successful for mixing a wide variety of concentrated products: all-purpose and specialized cleaners, windshield washer concentrates, glass cleaner concentrates, sanitizers & disinfectants, water-soluble floor waxes and strippers degreasers soluble oil and synthetic coolants fertilizers and fungicides  .


  • Increased productivity of employees when you use hydromaster

  • Efficient use of space

  • Enhanced safety

  • Maximized cleaning product performance

  • More conscientious response to environmental concerns

  • Effective Cost control of concentrated products being used

Please Note:

Hydro Masters are not designed for use with a spray gun or any other type of shut off valve at the discharge end of the proportioner. If the application requires this type of operation, see information on the HydroSprayer, Hydrofoamer, or HydroChem Series of proportioners.

Options and accessories

  • #138 Inlet water hose, 1/2" x 6', black  

  • #185 Inlet water hose, 1/2" x 8', black 

  • #186 Inlet water hose, 1/2" x 10', black 

  • #187 Inlet water hose, 5/8" x 25' green 

Accessory backflow prevention devices are available as retrofitted options if required.   See separate literature on the various types offered by Hydro Systems


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