#365 Drum Pump, Lacquer Thinner Pump, Paint Thinner Pump, Brake Cleaner Pump, Nylon and Stainless Steel Pump

Self priming vertical lift nylon drum pump was designed primarily for use as a lacquer thinner pump, paint thinner pump, brake cleaner pump, or acetone pump. 

This nylon pump has low fatigue operation.  Dispenses 400 ml (14 oz.) Per stroke

Nylon construction with stainless steel plunger rod and PTFE seals make this brake cleaner pump or lacquer thinner pump last without being harmed by the chemicals in these


This lacquer thinner pump comes complete with 2" polypropylene bung adaptor (MNPT) for use on 15 gallon (50 litre) - 55 gallons (205 litre) drums. 

Slide adaptor up or down pump cylinder to the desired height of the drum you are using pump in then lightly set screw to hold in place.

WETTED COMPONENTS: Nylon, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel & PTFE
Lacquer thinner pump, Acetone pump, MEK pump, Antifreeze pump, Brake Cleaner pump, Detergents pump, Glycerine pump, Water pump, Weed Killer
pump, Windshield Fluids pump, mild acids pump, or petroleum based media pump.
DO NOT USE with strong acids, bleach, gasoline etc.   Brake cleaner
pump, or paint thinner pumps spout can be removed and special hose attached #2134 (4')  or #2136 (6').


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