Suitable for high viscosity hand cleaning preparations including beaded products, pumice products, as well as lotion soaps and creams, citrus will not affect dispenser.  Robust version for industrial use with large 2.5 liter capacity.

    Ideal dispenser for industrial purposes, suitable for all high usage environments.  Stainless steel pump this is a great hand soap dispensers that lasts.

    Dispenser can be operated by hand, forearm or elbow.

    Easy to refill cartridges, or purchase filled cartridges.

    Holds 2.5 liter per cartridge and pump dosage is 3 ml. Per stroke.


This hand soap dispenser is easy to refill or replace bottle in just seconds.  Save time and  money over small volume soap dispensers by refilling fewer times.  Holds 85 ounces or 2.5 liters..


This liquid soap dispenser is easy to use.  Low pressure from your hand or elbow will work to move dispensing lever.

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